South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge

South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge...We Are Linked In LOVE!!

Whether you attend the Courtland United Church or Cultus United Church, you will be met with warmth and sincerity. We are a 2 point charge known as the South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge. We welcome ALL to join us on Sunday mornings, or anytime...for worship and friendship! Under the loving and brilliant guidance of our Minister  Ted Smith, you will be enlightened and moved.

CULTUS UNITED CHURCH: Located at  748-6th Concession Road ENR, Cultus, Ontario          WORSHIPS on Sundays at  9:00am  

COURTLAND UNITED CHURCH: Located at 133 Talbot Street, Courtland, Ontario                   WORSHIPS on Sundays at 10:30am        

Our Mission Statement:   The South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge is called to be a Christian community empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit and to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

CONTACT US:   EMAIL:                  Office Phone: 519-688-4050

OUR MAILING ADDRESS: South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge, P.O.Box 129, 119 Talbot Road, Courtland, On., N0J1E0




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The Living Water.......... Drink and Never Thirst Again

As a tired Jesus, who took a shortcut home through Samaria, found himself sitting and resting beside a well at high noon, a Samaritan woman came to the well and he asked her if she could draw him a drink of water. A conversation ensued, he asked her if she would draw some water so he might have a drink…

           "The Samaritan woman, taken aback, asked, ' How come you, a Jew, are asking me, a Samaritan woman for a drink?’

            (Jews in those days wouldn’t be caught  dead talking to Samaritans.)

            Jesus answered, 'If you knew the generosity of God and who I am, you would be  asking me for a drink, and I would give you fresh,

            living  water.' "

Jews and Samaritans didn’t mix. The self- righteous Jews believed them to be unclean, thus unwanted, unloved, left out and away from God's love. So the woman recognizing Jesus as a Jew wondered why he would even approach and strike up a conversation, let alone let's have a drink of water together. Well, an interesting conversation it was, as it unfolded it seemed that Jesus knew this woman and what she was about even though they had never met. he knew that she struggled through life, and what her struggles were and offered himself as the living water to her that she would never thirst again.

            “Jesus said, ‘Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again.

            Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst—not ever. The water I give

            will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.’ “

I’m always amazed at how Jesus seems to find himself in the right place at the right time for those who hunger and thirst for something more. It seems the things that feed us and attempt to quench our thirst always run out or run dry when they are of this world. Jesus tells the woman that once you partake of the living water, the eternal water you will become an endless source of it as well. “An artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life”.

And so the drinking of the living water Christ describes is metaphor for entering into relationship with him, allowing Jesus to become a part of you and to dwell within you as the source of life, and the way to be. Then things change, priorities change, selfishness becomes selflessness, takers become givers. Those who were guarding the door suddenly feel an urgency to open it for a stranger and say, “Welcome. Welcome friend to this place of wholeness, caring, and sharing.”

Jesus, of course was so right. Drink deeply from the well of living waters and then find it so easy to make a Christ shaped offering of all the nourishment you have received. And he promises it to everyone and with the voice of a prophet proclaims and invites,

                “But the time is coming – it has, in fact, come – when what you’re called will not matter and

                where you worship will not matter.”

Amen sisters and brothers! The invitation is out there and the living waters are flowing. It matters not what you’re called or where you worship..... Drink deeply, so deeply of the endless cup that Jesus offers and then worship everywhere by being the loving, caring, giving being that brings God joy as you never go thirsty again.

May the ‘high noon’ thirst-quenching Peace of Christ be with you always............... PT.

South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge of The United Church of Canada


Music Leaders: Judy Dekorte /  Lynn Jennings / Gwen Booker

Office Administrator: Leslie Pettinger        Office Phone: 519-688-4050            Email: 


 Sunday May  26, 2019           Believing the Good News






INTROIT: Behold! Behold! I make all things new beginning with you and starting from today. Behold! Behold! I make all things new. My promise is true for I am Christ the way” (MV #115).


CALL TO WORSHIP: (Unison) Holy, Loving God, you offer us this day, another chance to know your will for us, to draw close to you, and walk in your ways. Teach us O God, that you may open our hearts and renew our vision, to begin the journey you have called us to start today. Amen


HYMN: “Morning Has Broken”                            VU# 409*


PRAYER OF RENEWAL: (Unison) Creating, Renewing Lord, you call us to new possibilities, to live into new opportunities.  But we often cling to old habits, narrow thinking and self-reliance. We sometimes feel we are stuck in a rut and cannot get our wheels in motion. Yet we know that one word from you obeyed, will relieve us of all our immobility. Forgive us we pray. Help us to be brave and believe that we might move ahead. Amen



Even when we don't believe in ourselves, God pursues us and challenges us to new growth. God forgives, restores and renews us.

Thanks be to God for constant love and tender caring.



MISSION HYMN: “The Church is Wherever”          VU# 579



Responsive Reading:           Psalm 67                             VU# 786      

Ministry of Music                                                                         

Gospel Reading:                  John 5: 1 - 16


HYMN: “Come and Find the Quiet Centre”                    VU# 374*


MESSAGE: “Excuses”





THE LORD’S PRAYER                                 



OFFERTORY: “Grant Us God the Grace of Giving”  VU# 540*


HYMN: “Go To the World”                                       VU# 420*




CHORAL CLOSING: “Halle, Halle, Halle                    VU# 958                 


The South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge is a faith community inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit following the teachings of Jesus Christ and showing this by our deeds and our actions.