South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge

South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge...We Are Linked In LOVE!!

Whether you attend the Courtland United Church or Cultus United Church, you will be met with warmth and sincerity. We are a 2 point charge known as the South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge. We welcome ALL to join us on Sunday mornings, or anytime...for worship and friendship! Under the loving and brilliant guidance of our Minister  Ted Smith, you will be enlightened and moved.

CULTUS UNITED CHURCH: Located at  748-6th Concession Road ENR, Cultus, Ontario          WORSHIPS on Sundays at  9:00am  

COURTLAND UNITED CHURCH: Located at 133 Talbot Street, Courtland, Ontario                   WORSHIPS on Sundays at 10:30am        

Our Mission Statement:   The South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge is called to be a Christian community empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit and to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

CONTACT US:   EMAIL:                  Office Phone: 519-688-4050

OUR MAILING ADDRESS: South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge, P.O.Box 129, 119 Talbot Road, Courtland, On., N0J1E0




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                                                                              SUMMER MESSAGE ……..                   

                                                                                                        " Come and Rest In Jesus"


In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus and the disciples went back and forth crossing the Sea of Galilee so many times it’s hard to figure out a pattern or a motive in

their plans. That is, of course until the sixth chapter of Mark where it’s clear why they went back out to sea: the disciple needed a rest, needed a break.


They had just returned from their first mission, as Jesus sent them out two by two and gave them authority over evil spirits. They went and had a very

successful mission, preaching repentance and healing people. So here at the sea shore of Galilee they arrive to find Jesus. Imagine the excitement, the

Apostles eagerly wanting to share their stories with their Teacher! But Jesus knew what they had experienced, how tired they would have been, and he

offered them sanctuary,rest.


“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” Mark 6:31b


Come and rest, come and rest….. What an invitation from Jesus, who knows his friends, his followers, his disciples.


No matter who we are, young or how old, working or retired we are challenged by the busyness of life. Such as we are, human, we sometimes lose track

of where we are, how we are, who we are. So we need to be reminded that we are God’s beloved. This story from Mark’s Gospel that invites the Apostles

to come and rest with Jesus is also an invitation for us. Come to that quiet place, and rest with Jesus.


As summer unfolds, we will all share fun times with family, maybe time on the road traveling, cottage time, camping time, fishing time. Let these

special times feed your soul. I invite all of us to be looking for God’s presence in all of our living. No matter where you find yourself each day, Jesus

invitation to come and rest for a while in him stands waiting. So if you start feeling rushed, pushed faster than you want to go, weary from the daily

trek, simply stop, catch your breath, go to the place of rest with Jesus, in prayer, meditation, the Gospel, conversation with a friend. Jesus is there in all

of it. Sometimes we have to remember to get very quiet so we can hear him………. Summer Blessings to you, my beloved friends.


                                                                                                     Pastor   Ted.

South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge of The United Church of Canada


Music Leaders: Judy Dekorte /  Lynn Jennings / Gwen Booker

Office Administrator: Leslie Pettinger        Office Phone: 519-688-4050            Email: 

     Sunday July 14, 2019               Loving Our Neighbour      



CENTERING MOMENT AND COLLECT                                 

INTROIT: O let the power fall on me, my Lord, let the power fall on me; O let the power from heaven fall on me, let the power fall on me” (MV # 13, used with permission).


CALL TO WORSHIP: (Unison) Loving God, thank you for each person here. Thank you for those who travel with us on the journey of faith. Show us what you want us to do so that we may live our lives in ways that are pleasing to you. Amen


OPENING HYMN: “Jesus Stand Among Us”                   VU# 396


PRAYER OF RENEWAL: (Unison) O God, sometimes we do not measure up to your call. You ask us to be fair to the poor and homeless, to speak up for those who have no voice, and to defend the rights of the powerless. We do not always do that. Forgive us, God, when we do not measure up. You ask us to see everyone as our neighbour, and to love them as we love ourselves. It’s hard. Sometimes we don’t love ourselves, and sometimes we don’t love others. Forgive us, God, when we do not measure up. 


Hear this good news! We share in the promises God made to all people. God forgives us and sets us free to live new lives. Thanks be to God !



MISSION HYMN: “Jesu, Jesu, fill Us With Your Love” VU# 596



Responsive Reading:           Psalm 82                               VU# 799

Ministry of Music

Gospel Reading:                    Luke 10: 25 - 37


HYMN: “When I Needed a Neighbour”                              VU# 644





THE LORD’S PRAYER                                 



OFFERTORY: “Grant Us God the Grace of Giving”  VU# 540*


HYMN: “God be With You”                                       VU# 422*




CHORAL CLOSING: “For we want justice and truth and love, my Lord, we want justice and truth and love: for we want justice and truth and love my Lord, we want justice and truth and love”    (MV #13, used with permission).


The South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge is a faith community inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit following the teachings of Jesus Christ and showing this by our deeds and our actions.