South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge...We Are Linked In LOVE!!

Whether you attend the Courtland United Church or Cultus United Church, you will be met with warmth and sincerity.  We are a  2 point charge known as the South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge.

We welcome ALL to join us on Sunday mornings, or anytime...for worship and friendship!  Under the loving and brilliant guidance of our Minister  Ted Smith, you will be enlightened and moved.

CULTUS UNITED CHURCH: Located at  748-6th Concession Road ENR, Cultus, Ontario            WORSHIPS on Sundays at  9:00am        ALL SERVICES CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

COURTLAND UNITED CHURCH: Located at 133 Talbot Street, Courtland, Ontario                        WORSHIPS on SUNDAYS AT 10:30am     ALL SERVICES CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE      

Our Mission Statement:   The South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge is called to be a Christian community empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit and to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

CONTACT US:   EMAIL:                  Office Phone: 519-688-4050

OUR MAILING ADDRESS:       South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge, P.O.Box 129, 119 Talbot Road, Courtland, On., N0J1E0

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      The Breath of God 

This Sunday brings us the great gift of Pentecost. The gift of the Spirit and the beginning of the church. The harvest festival traditionally celebrated 50 days after the Passover celebration, gathered Jews from all nations to Jerusalem to celebrate and give thanks for the abundant harvest. Some three thousand were gathered in one place and the Holy Spirit come upon them appearing like wind and flames and they were all moved in the same way. Inspired by the Spirit they all began speaking in their own tongues, (the language of their ancestry). Amazingly, even though different languages were spoken, they could all understand one another as they collectively gave praise and thanksgiving to God.

This is the same Spirit of God that hovered over the waters of creation, (Gen. 1:2). This is the same Spirit that Jesus promised would come after he was gone. In and through this fulfillment of Jesus' promise three thousand new Christians were converted in one fell swoop. Onlookers in disbelief claimed they must have been drunk. They may well have been, but if so, I believe they were intoxicated with the "Holy Spirit", God's libation of unconditional love.

When we are moved by the Spirit we feel so liberated and loved it stands to reason that an onlooker not yet familiar with this amazing experience might assume you've had one too many. But this was not the case, as Peter steps up and speaks to the thousands, explaining that it truly is the Spirit of God at work, and he cites the utopian words of Joel. The message being that everyone, yes everyone, who calls on the name of the Lord.... who invites God into their life will have and experience new life, a new beginning, and a new understanding where there will be a common language for all of humanity.

Pentecost is about being fully enlivened by the Spirit as Jesus was. Thus giving us the faith and grace that frees us from a " locked door mentality " that allows us to embrace all people of all faiths, of all races, of all circumstances and to be able to hear and understand them no matter what language they speak. Pentecost is about us allowing the breath of God to fill every fiber of our beings in every moment of our lives..... So as we celebrate Pentecost this week let us breath deeply....mmmmmm BREATH DEEPLY, of all that God has to offer us. then let us fully embrace the possibilities that lie ahead for us as a Spirit filled people, fully alive with God's Spirit, fully prepared for all the challenges, struggles, joys and celebration that lies ahead.

Peace and Blessings in Jesus and the Spirit's name.

                                                                                Pastor Ted.

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