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Whether you attend the Courtland United Church or Cultus United Church, you will be met with warmth and sincerity. We are a 2 point charge known as the South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge. We welcome ALL to join us on Sunday mornings, or anytime...for worship and friendship! Under the loving and brilliant guidance of our Minister  Ted Smith, you will be enlightened and moved.

CULTUS UNITED CHURCH: Located at  748-6th Concession Road ENR, Cultus, Ontario            WORSHIPS on Sundays at  9:00am  

COURTLAND UNITED CHURCH: Located at 133 Talbot Street, Courtland, Ontario                   WORSHIPS on Sundays at 10:30am        

Our Mission Statement:   The South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge is called to be a Christian community empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit and to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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This past Wednesday brought us to the 18th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The world as we knew it and experience it changed forever, as we so often hear the words "post 9:11".          

Since those horrific events took place the world changed forever. It became a place of less community in the world and a place of greater mistrust of others.                              

As we remember, the events of 9:11 almost instantly launched the United States into a new era of wars in Islamic lands abroad, and fear, hatred, and oppression of Muslims in North America.    

Even worse, then President George W. Bush referred to America's reaction as a  crusade of Christians against Muslims. He even went so far as to claim that through prayer and meditation he arrived at the conclusion that God was backing his decision to strike back violently.                                

How sad and disappointing this is, and how misguided and wrong, I believe, President Bush was, and how sad it is that so many lives continue to be lost and families broken in this so-called holy war against terrorism.

The truth is this 9:11 terrorist attack was not religious in nature but rather it was political. It was a political attack against the very things that define western culture and civilization, those being consumerism, colonization, and exploitation.        

It was a political attack carried out by Muslim extremists, that unfortunately gave a bad name to all Muslims in the eyes and hearts of those who suffered from or witnessed that unfortunate event of September 11, 2001.

Today we recognize and lament the loss of 2,996 lives that were taken 18 years ago. 2,996 plus families ripped apart never to be the same again!

Sept. 11, 2001, 2996 plus lives lost in America

Since that date and America’s so called holy war on terror..... over 200,000 lives have been lost in these wars in the middle east. What about those over 200,000 families broken and ripped apart?

Since 2011 the cost of these wars to the US has been and grows at something like $ 1000/second, has been $ 239,494,100,650,000.

Over the same time period, the US has spent $ 21,862,400 toward feeding starving countries.

What could be possible if that war money had have been spent on poverty and starvation?.....

This anniversary of terror and horror will no doubt bring memories of sadness, anger, disappointment, bewilderment and pain just to mention a few. In reflection on this event some 18 years later, I invite us as a people of faith to accept the challenge reframing our understanding and feelings toward other faith communities that are not the same as ours.                              

Let us be open to learning about others and seeing how we all fit together in this world engaging with the one living loving God who created all things.Jesus taught by word and action that peace will not be achieved through ways of violence, mistrust, and the calling down of other faith communities that are different than us.                                            

When our actions and words denounce others we ultimately bring ourselves down. This demonstrates that we truly don't believe peace is possible.    

Do you remember eight years ago when Pastor Terry Jones threatened to burn one thousand copies of the Qu'ran as part of their "so called" Christian worship on September 11 in his church in Gainesville Florida?                    

This incident reflects a theology of ignorance and belligerence. It is hate propaganda and it is completely opposite to the way that Jesus calls the world to be as we attempt to bring about the kindom of God.

It’s high time. It’s always been high time for people to stop saying, “We’re right and you’re wrong”, “God is with us and against you”, and so on. ...I believe.... God is with and for all people.                                                 

I pray that all people will have the trust, faith, hope and love to light a candle of peace and work hard to keep it burning. This is not easy work, but the geo-politics of love, compassion, and forgiveness need to go global........ between and among different faith communities and be revealed daily in our local, national and international communities as well. That all creation may live in harmony, as God who will never abandon us wishes. May it be so.           .....Blessings from the Potter’s Cabin ....  PT            

South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge of The United Church of Canada


Music Leaders: Judy Dekorte /  Lynn Jennings / Gwen Booker

Office Administrator: Leslie Pettinger        Office Phone: 519-688-4050            Email: 


  Sunday Sept 15, 2019            All Is Not Lost     



CENTERING MOMENT AND COLLECT                                 

INTROIT: O let the power fall on me, my Lord, let the power fall on me; O let the power from heaven fall on me, let the power fall on me” (MV # 13, used with permission). 

CALL TO WORSHIP: (Responsive)

All are invited to worship God.

God seeks the lost. God finds us, ready or not!

God cares about everyone, no matter how old or how young. God seeks the lost. God finds us, ready or not!

God never gives up. God searches until all are found.

God finds us and loves us. Praise God!


OPENING HYMN: “Come In and Sit Down”                  VU# 395 

PRAYER OF RENEWAL: (Unison) God of love and kindness, you seek for us and ask us to search for the lost and the least. We confess that we are sometimes half-hearted in our efforts. We start out with great enthusiasm, but then we find excuses to quit. Forgive us for breaking our promises. Forgive us for losing patience with those who are difficult. Renew us in the faith and enthusiasm required to be persistent. In Christ’s name. Amen. 


God patiently seeks us out and takes us in.

The grace of Christ overflows for us with love and forgiveness. Thanks be to God. 


MISSION HYMN: “Jesus Loves Me”                         VU# 365 


Responsive Reading:         Psalm 14                       VU# 735

Ministry of Music

Gospel Reading:                    Luke 15: 1 - 10


HYMN: “A Woman and a Coin-The Coin Is Lost”          VU# 360 

MESSAGE: “God Never Gives Up on Us” 





OFFERTORY: “Grant Us God the Grace of Giving”  VU# 540* 

HYMN: “I Am the Light of the World”                          VU# * 87 


CHORAL CLOSING: “For we want justice and truth and love, my Lord, we want justice and truth and love: for we want justice and truth and love my Lord, we want justice and truth and love”  (MV #13, used with permission).               

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The South West Norfolk Pastoral Charge is a faith community inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit following the teachings of Jesus Christ and showing this by our deeds and our actions.